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On a Birthday!
March 26, 2021

Myth America | Episode Four | On a Birthday! Today (March 26) is mythologist Joseph Campbell's birthday. It's also my birthday! - I thought I'd share a musing on the nature of birthdays - mythically, imaginally, metaphorically. On mid life,

Death of an Era (An Episode from the Vault)
March 10, 2021

Join us for a really cool conversation with longtime music executive Chris Hensley, from our Myth America vault...this show was recorded live on WIOX Community Radio 91.3 FM on January 26, 2016. - Among hundreds of other artists,

Chickadees and Small Wonders in the Coming of Spring
March 09, 2021

Early March, and spring is maybe, just maybe, on the horizon. The light is changing, and there is a new song in the woods. - We think of robins and crocuses as the harbingers of spring, but in the arboreal forests of North America,

Mythos & Logos
February 09, 2021

Mythos & Logos We like to delineate, us humans. We want things to be different. And we want our way to be better. - That tends to takes us to defining the world in binary ways - pitching what we see as rational and empirical understandings against st...

Living in Mythic Times
January 12, 2021

Are we living in mythic times? Myth sits in the paradox of being both/and. It is true and untrue. It is metaphor – meta – carrying, phor – across – making meaning by moving from the literal to the abstract, the concrete to the intuited.