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Fight In Sight - Episode 175
June 16, 2024

Helping and Supporting MMA Fighters - FIS Ep.175 ft. Joe Martinez & Fight Night CustomsThis week, we get deep.First, we talk to the legendary voice of MMA and boxing, from the UFC to Invicta to boxing events worldwide: Joe Martinez! We discuss being g

Atomic Business Coaching - Episode 65
June 16, 2024

A New Chapter: Embracing Conversations Over Courses In this week's episode of the Atomic Business Coaching podcast, hosts Tom Marino and Adam Hurd switch things up a bit and have an engaging and candid conversation about the significant changes they'

Fight In Sight - Episode 174
June 16, 2024

Dustin WILL Retire, Tyson WON'T Fight, and Conor vs. Chandler is OFF - FIS Ep. 174Well, our planned guest ghosted us, but that doesn't mean we don't have stuff to talk about! We cover the recent news stories in combat sports and give our takes on Conor, J

Trek Untold - Episode 170 | Paul Eiding
June 15, 2024

Paul Eiding played Ambassador Loquel on the seventh season Star Trek TNG episode, "Liaisons," but if you grew up in the 80s and 90s, you know him better as Perceptor from "Transformers," Colonel Roy Campbell in the Metal Gear Solid video game series, and

Atomic Business Coaching - Episode 64 | Evan Mestman
June 13, 2024

Welcome to Atomic Business Coaching! In this exciting 64th episode, your hosts, Tom Marino and Adam Hurd, dive deep into the critical themes of intentionality and self-awareness in personal growth and business success. Evan Mestman, a distinguished health

Turnbuckle Tabloid - Episode 470
June 12, 2024

Wrestling Wepa Spanish StyleIn this week's episode, Jay embraces his Puerto Rican culture and shares his love with the listeners. Jay reviews House of Glory Puerto Rican Weekend as well as NXT Battleground. Turnbuckle Tabloid also debuts a new segment, Co

Trek Untold - Episode 169 | Brian Markinson
June 09, 2024

Brian Markinson is a veteran performer who can boast multiple Star Trek roles on top of his already crowded resume. Trekkies know him as Vorin from Star Trek TNG "Homeworld," then an appearance as Lt. Durst in VOY "Cathexis" and "Faces," the latter of whi

Fights With Friends - Episode 3 | Calvin Ahn
June 09, 2024

Calvin Ahn is a New York-based actor and stunt performer who has appeared in Fallout, Wu-Tang: An American Saga, Lovecraft Country, The Defenders, John Wick Chapter 2, and in one of the most noted shows in the martial arts space, Cobra Kai – as Chozen’s s

David & Stu...Unhinged! - Pilot
June 08, 2024

David and Stu . . . Unhinged! offers their unique glimpse into the world's most pressing (and most trivial) issues through the eyes of two of Greenwich Villages jaded residents, who are usually pissed off about something. From allowing people to legall

Turnbuckle Tabloid - Episode 469
June 06, 2024

Beats, Rhymes, and WrestlingThis week, Jay and "Whole Milk" Mike tackle the week's news with Wrestling Rundown and discuss their thoughts on what's going wrong with AEW. Also, in this episode, content creator The Jahni returns to examine the relationship