Mystic Access Podcast

Mystic Access Podcast

The Way That Things Were

April 18, 2023

This episode offers some reflection on saving, transferring and otherwise managing your money accessibly, as well as a free service that doesn’t cost you a single cent to use.

First, we discuss a little about taxes and extensions; we return to this topic later to share the accessible method we use to get our taxes done. we then move to banks and methods for managing your money accessibly, and the importance of being able to conduct financial transactions and other tasks independently. One nifty tool we use is Mint, which can assist you in learning more about your money picture and knowing where you stand financially. You do have to enter in all of your various financial accounts, so do know that quite a bit of setup is required.

The good news is that banking is far easier online than it once was, and many banking apps, in particular, have made great strides in accessibility in recent years. Plus, doing your banking online is oh so convenient. We share more details in the episode.

Finally, if you’d like to be able to access over ten thousand human-narrated audio books for free, Kim gives a tour of the LibriVox app for iOS. Visit LibriVox on the web here, and check out their apps for iOS and Android. It’s a terrific resource for classic literature that’s narrated by taalented and passionate volunteers.

Thanks, as always, for listening and spreading the word about the podcast to others. We appreciate you.