Mysteries Of The Mind

Mysteries Of The Mind

Mysteries of the Mind | Episode #53 | Remember How We Used to Leave the House Without Masks? How I Miss Being Free of Paranoid Anxiety

June 11, 2020

Among the many losses in this current pandemic is the loss of the ability to leave one’s home and go out into the public world without paranoid anxieties.  Even the measures we take to protect ourselves and others e.g. masks, social distancing, etc., are triggers reminding our brains and minds that we should be careful, cautious, and vigilant.  The result is a flooding of our systems with stress hormones and a great deal of tension and distress.

People today are suffering from a lot more than the ability to leave home without worry. Still, every form of suffering is legitimate to talk about and toward which we should feel empathy and sympathy.  In the end, we have to try to get through each day without hurting ourselves or others.

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