Mysteries Of The Mind

Mysteries Of The Mind

Mysteries of the Mind | Episode #52 | Quarantine is Forever

June 11, 2020

Among the many stressors that are causing psychological suffering during the current quarantine is the sense that there is no end in sight to the various deprivations that we’re all living with.  In this sense, reality mirrors the logic of the depressed mind which always suffers in the belief that one’s current distress will always be there, that the present predicts and determines the future.  The feeling that the restrictions with which we’re living will go on “forever” adds a special topspin to the stress we’re going through.

There are few psychological “tips” that can readily make this situation better.  Yes, we can and should stop blaming ourselves and, yes, some form of meditation or mindfulness practice is likely beneficial.  But the main thing we should be mindful about is that, rather than strive to be “productive” or “creative” during these days of self-quarantine, we should, instead, simply strive to get through each day without hurting ourselves or others.  That’s right—just get through the day.

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