Cyber Security Weekly Podcast

Cyber Security Weekly Podcast

Episode 284 - Security Sandbox - Digging into the APAC Threat Landscape

September 19, 2021

We speak with Relativity's CSO & CIO, Amanda Fennell and the APAC Managing Director, Georgia Foster for an insight into the company and trends in the APAC region.


Relativity is on the mission to help organizations organize data, discover the truth, and act on it. This is especially resonant for customers who are dealing with sensitive data, demanding investigations and complicated litigation.

The changing security threat landscape for APAC has made risk mitigation and data protection strategies more crucial than ever. Relativity’s security team, Calder7, frequently conduct research on the threat landscape to help readers stay up to date on the latest threats. Security Sandbox is a Relativity podcast aiming to help listeners learn about new fields and fortify their security programs.

The goal is to share insights and inspire a few laughs, reward curiosity, and bring a little more excitement to the day-to-day work of our industry.


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