Cyber Security Weekly Podcast

Cyber Security Weekly Podcast

Episode 125 - The Future of Autonomous Mitigation – Titania’s solution to ‘alert fatigue’ - #KLNext Series

November 22, 2018

Interview with Ian and Nicola Whiting, Titania, the CEO and CSO respectively, as well as Mr & Mrs. Ian is a former accredited penetration tester and an innovator in his field, having designed and brought to market the world’s first automated Configuration Analysis tools. Independently verified as 100% accurate, these trusted Titania products help enterprise security professionals in more than 95 countries maintain the most secure networks around the world.

Nicola, an experienced Chief Operations & Strategy Officer with a strong history of working in Cyber Security / Information Security, has led Titania from an ambitious start-up to a multi-million pound, award-winning company – in less than a decade.

Nicola is also an advocate for Autism and Women in Cyber, where she provides government level advice on Diversity and is Worcestershire’s Commissioner for the UK Cyber Science & Innovation Audit.

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Recorded 30 October 2018 at Kaspersky Lab Next Conference, Barcelona, Spain. #KLNext. Apologies for the sound quality (echo).

MySecurity Media were participants in this year’s Kaspersky Next conference courtesy of Kaspersky Lab.