My Other Buddy Devin

My Other Buddy Devin

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Episode 80: listen buddy youre toobin for a lubin right now, you better watch it
October 23, 2020

we recorded together in the same room for the first time in months and it rocked hard' YEAHDEED.COM

Episode 79: every momma bear needs a helping hand, thats why i use hellofresh :)
October 16, 2020

we're back and we're talking about shit from the 00s again (surprise!) and also about getting diagnosed w conditions later in life. it's a doozy! don't forget to pokemon go to the polls!!! YEAHDEED.COM

Episode 78: you are now entering...the dexametha zone~~~~~
October 09, 2020

we're back with an election countdown super special where we share all of our greatest and most insightful political analyses. notable highlights: covid 19 can be pretty bad dude

Episode 77: a league of their own
September 04, 2020

we talked about baseball a bunch lol. give it a spin, aubrey huff f*ckin sucks dude

Episode 76: peter frampton's secret sauce :)
August 28, 2020

isnt it sick being 30yo and sitting at the kids table during family thanksgiving? YEAHDEED.COM

Episode 75: thomas the tankie engine
August 21, 2020

we're back dudes and we dont know shit about NOTHIN!!! (except our italian heritage) YEAHDEED.COM

Episode 74: the secret of the ooze :)
August 14, 2020

hey yall we're still back and still making great and thought provoking content. we came close to revealing our secret identities today but we didnt YEAHDEED.COM

Episode 73: christian rock eschatology
August 07, 2020

we became cool youth pastors just in time for the world to end sick gnar dude!!! haha hail jesus, stay FAR away from women, and NEVER drink alcohol YEAHDEED.COM

Episode 72: the matrix milady'd
July 31, 2020

yea more audio issies but you can hear us. wait for 35 minutes in and it gets better dude. is the glass half empty or half broke? YEAHDEED.COM

Episode 71: CORONAVIRUS GAVE ME BRAIN DAMAGE we're back (re-edit)
July 24, 2020

We're back and we missed everybody. Just reuploaded the ep because the editing was f*cked up lmao. YEAHDEED.COM