My Dog Ate My Book Report

My Dog Ate My Book Report

Episode Three: The Mouse and the Motorcycle by Beverly Cleary

December 06, 2022

Episode Three!

My Dog Ate My Book Report is a podcast where two weirdo thirty-somethings take turns introducing each other to a formative book from childhood the other has never read to see if the magic has held up!

This episode we read: “The Mouse and the Motorcycle” By Beverly Cleary.

The transcript can be found here: Episode Three Transcript.docx


Content Warnings:

In the book: Casual Sexism

Mention of animal death (no gore, past tense)

In the episode: We start the episode off with two icky stories about injuries to feet.


Links to things we mentioned:

Some of the many cover differences throughout the years:

Illustrations: Darlings style vs some more recent work:


What we are reading next!

Brandon has selected the book for next week: “The Tower Treasure” the very first Hardy Boys Book. 


My Dog ate My Book Report is hosted and produced by Wren and Brandon, and edited by the fabulous Derrick Valen. 

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