My Warrior Diary

My Warrior Diary

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Thirty & Worthy
October 30, 2020

Welcome to Episode 12! I’m officially 30 years old and sort of loving it. Take a listen at how I’m feeling today as a thirty year old woman. You’ll hear about what triggered me & what I’m hoping for myself in my 30s!

11. My Unpopular Opinion, What's new with me? and Don't lose your sanity!
September 12, 2020

Let's get into today's episode.  Whew, this week was tough.  I almost lost it but I figured out a way to hold on to my sanity.  I updated you on the new, exciting thing that is coming with my writing.  I'm so excited and ready for this to happen.  Lastly,

10. Let’s talk about Lust & Revoking my Black Card!
August 23, 2020

Oh, snap! I'm back, baby!!!  I'm so so happy to be back with episode 10.  Man, 2020 has been one heck of a year so far.  Although I wanted to come back with a recap of this year, I decided to start fresh again with this podcast.  I created a "suggestion j

9. 2019 Marriage Highs & Lows featuring a special guest ;)
December 19, 2019

I am finally dropping the LAST episode of 2019 with my special guest, MY HUSBAND!!!.  Actually, we recorded this on December 1st.  On December 6th, my husband had an emergency surgery.  On December 7th, he turned 27 years old.  What a

8. When will I have children?
September 25, 2019

In today's episode, I am answering the question that I receive the most from people.   WHEN WILL I HAVE CHILDREN??  ___  Things discussed in episode:  -My answer to the question   -My story with PCOS  -Dealing with PCOS

7. What do I want to leave for my future children?
September 15, 2019

LEGACY LEGACY LEGACY!! | Today’s episode is all about that!!  I'm looking forward to discussing the main things that I want to leave for my children.  I feel like my answer is not a typical answer though!  Also, WAIL&C is back and I wan

6. How do I find my place in life?
September 08, 2019

Hey! I’m back! It’s been almost a month since I’ve dropped an episode. Well, I’m back in motion, still discovering myself, and I am giving you an update on my life.  Plus in today's episode, I am discussing how do I find my place in life?  

5. The Right Community - My Writing Journey - Encouragement for YOUR journey
August 11, 2019

If you struggled with finding the RIGHT community based on the path that God is leading you on, then today’s episode is for you.  I can completely relate to how you are feeling right now.    Community has been tough for me to find but

4. Do I feel behind in life? + New Segment Vibes
August 03, 2019

Today’s episode is all about if I feel behind in life right now.  As a 28 year old, it’s easy to feel left out and not seeing your progress in life.  I dive all of the way into this subject.  I believe you will leave with a different outloo

3. The Unlearning Phase Vol 1.
July 28, 2019

Oftentimes, we talk about how much we are learning in school, as a wife, as a parent, even from God.  However, we hardly talk about what we are UNLEARNING in all areas of our lives.  In today's episode, I am discussing what I am currently unlear