My Tiny Cook Spot Podcast

My Tiny Cook Spot Podcast

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Ep 10 When Friends Become Family With Sharon
May 26, 2019

In Episode 10 Sharon and I discuss moments in our…

EP 9 Home Sweet Home With Kate Part 2
May 12, 2019

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EP 8 Home Sweet Home With Katie Part 1
April 28, 2019

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Ep 7 Pink Stuff And Hot Air Balloons With Dave
April 14, 2019

My oldest friends, David and I, take a trip down …

Episode 6 Meeting Over Meat With Cindy
March 31, 2019

I sit down in my mom's sister, Aunt Cindy, to tal…

EP 5 Satisfying Your Sweet Tooth with Bill
March 17, 2019

In EP 5 my friend Bill and I discuss some of our …

EP 4 Family Heirloom Recipes With Melody
March 03, 2019

Melody and I dive into recipes that hold a specia…

EP3 First Food Memories With Cameron
February 17, 2019

In episode three, First Food Memories with Camero…

EP 2 Prohibition With MaryAnn
February 03, 2019

In episode 2 we are going to dive into Prohibitio…

Episode 1 : An Introduction
January 19, 2019

I am Kate Schmeck and welcome to My Tiny Cook Spo…