My Thing Is...

My Thing Is...

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My Thing Is... Episode #4 | 3/1/19
March 01, 2019

Hey guys! Today my brother and I talk about dating apps and Internet trolling. Our Friend Wes stops by to talk horror films. Then we chat with our Uncle Don about how to safely consume swamp water! Join us as we discuss all this and plenty more on episode

My Thing Is... Episode #3 | 2/18/19
February 18, 2019

Holy HELL! We made it to Episode THREE! Join me as we talk VD (Valentines Day) and also discuss my preferences of Toilet Papers and Bidets. Then quit my job, sell my home, and set off on a Whirl Wind Tour with ROCK BAND! Listen to “My Thing Is...” EPISODE

My Thing Is... Episode #2 | 2/9/2019
February 09, 2019

I still have a podcast! Join me as I dive headfirst into facts about Seattle, introduce a new word of the week, talk to my brother about bathroom etiquette, and get our questions answered about global warming! There’s lots of other stuff we talk about too

My Thing Is... Episode #1 | 2/2/19
February 02, 2019

I have a podcast! Join me as I dive into facts from my hometown and my new town, talk about inspiration vs. action, and I share a meditation technique that I cant get enough of. My friends Josh Rhett Noble and Matt McClure share some of the news that you