My Mediocre Mom Life

My Mediocre Mom Life

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Our PANDAS Story
June 19, 2019

Hey guys! I'm excited to be back in the studio (jk my bedroom) and recording new podcast episodes. Today's episode is our story with going through this school year with our son and getting a PANDAS diagnosis. This is in no way intended to pr...

Mommy Juice
March 07, 2019

Hey guys!I'm so excited to get this new episode out to you all! I am so fortunate to have spent some time with Janelle, a certified personal trainer, fitness influencer, and friend of mine from Instagram. We each take some time to talk about...

Under Pressure
February 18, 2019

Have you ever thought about all the pressure that moms experience? We find pressure all around us and sometimes even in our own head. In this episode I discuss pressure and how it affects me as a mom, and how I fight these pressures every day.

Welcome to the Podcast: Mom Guilt
February 05, 2019

Welcome to our podcast! Today's episode talks about Mom Guilt- why we get it, how we can fight it, and I share a little bit of my own experience with mom guilt.Thanks for hanging with me today! Be sure to subscribe and rate the podcast so ot...

Welcome to the Podcast: Mom Guilt
January 18, 2019

Hey everyone! Thanks for taking a chance on my humble corner of the internets. Today I'm starting off with a softball topic: Mom Guilt. I talk about why I experience it, present some thoughts about where it comes from and how to deal with it, and wh...