My Marvelous Year

My Marvelous Year

2002 Pt. 4: X-Force, Chamber, & Exiles

March 27, 2023

Dave, Zack and Charlotte talk all weird X-spinoffs, with X-Statix, Chamber, and Exiles!

On this episode we cover the following issues (all available via Marvel Unlimited):

X-Force / X-Statix
#122 to #129 / #1 to #5
The Milligan and Allred oddball X-series continues, and officially migrates to X-Statix.

Requested by Patreon Backer Kyle S.!

#8 to #15
So much fun.

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Fantastic Four: 1234 / Fantastic Four
#1 to #4 / #51 to #54, #60 to #61
Grant Morrison and Jae Lee Marvel Knights series deconstructs the Fantastic Four, before the excellent Waid and Wieringo run begins.

#48 to #56
The end of the Kang War and the Kurt Busiek Avengers run ends

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