My Marvelous Year

My Marvelous Year

2002 Pt. 2: Spider-Man

February 27, 2023

Dave, Charlotte and Zack talk all Spidey all the time! The JMS and Romita Jr run continues with major developments for Peter Parker, and then we dig into some classic or underrated Spider-Man stories all from the same year!

On this episode we cover the following issues (all available via Marvel Unlimited):

Spider-Man: Blue
#1 to #6
Loeb and Sale color series continued.

Amazing Spider-Man / Peter Parker: Spider-Man
#38 to 40 / #44 to #47
JMS and JR JR run continues, before Green Goblin follow-up in Peter Parker. #39 added by backer Dustin!

Spider-Man’s Tangled Web
#11, #19
Issue #11 is a pretty wonderful dive inside from the Daily Bugle from the late, great Darwyn Cooke. Then, issue #19 stars Grizzly Bear and Rhino in an odd couple set-up.

Up Next: My Marvelous Year — 2002 pt. 3

#7 to #10
Greg Rucka run

#26 to #37
The Bendis and Alex Maleev Daredevil run begins, the finest take on Matt Murdock since Frank Miller.

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