My Marvelous Year

My Marvelous Year

1991 Pt. 2: Venom, Thunderstrike, & Doom vs Richards!

May 24, 2021

Marvel comics of 1991. Venom returns, Thunderstrike enters town, & Simonson writes Dave’s favorite Doctor Doom vs Reed Richards throwdown!

On this episode we cover the following issues (all available via Marvel Unlimited):

Amazing Spider-Man
#345 to #347
Dope Venom covers.

Fantastic Four
#347 to #349, #350, #352
World’s weirdest Fantastic Four, then the return of Doom

#432 to #433
There’s a new Thor in town.

Up Next: My Marvelous Year – 1991 Pt. 3

Marvel Comics Presents / Wolverine
#72 to #84 / #48 to #50
Barry-Windsor Smith’s Weapon X, my favorite Wolverine comic of all time. Followed up by Larry Hama on Wolverine!

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