My Buddy Hates That! Podcast

My Buddy Hates That! Podcast

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My Buddy Hates...Streaming Services
May 31, 2019

Oh man, Julian is back on his shiiiiiiz again. Let me ask you this, friendly listener; How are you listening to this podcast? Is it over a streaming service? Yeah...I thought so. Don't worry, Matt shares your frustration. 

My Buddy Hates...Ranch Dressing
May 24, 2019

In his latest bid to be completely disowned by his southern upbringing, Matt decides to really pour out his unreasonable (and probably way too personal) dislike of that ol' southern upgrade for literally any type of food; Ranch Dressing. And Julian?...

My Buddy Hates...Taylor Swift
May 17, 2019

Okay, to be fair, Julian doesn't hate Taylor Swift as a person. He just can't stand the freaking media monolith her brand has become. Why? Because he honestly just doesn't care about his Reputation. Eh? Eh? Hope you like song puns. If not, Speak Now....

MBHT Hot Takes!!! Blink 182 vs. Angels and Airwaves
May 17, 2019

What do you do when two bands that you like release new singles relatively close to each other, and both bands are eternally tied to each other in a unique way because the singer of one band used to be the singer in the other band but then he started...

My Buddy Hates...NASCAR
May 10, 2019

For the finale in our special "Matt Actually Hates Stuff" series, the buddies decide to really burn some rubber and each other, driving headlong into Matt's utter dislike of NASCAR. Julian, who also isn't really a fan, brings in special guest Brandon...

My Buddy Hates...Snakes
April 25, 2019

For the second installment in our "Matt Actually Hates Stuff" series, Julian stealthily slithers his way into Matt's greatest hatred and fear: Snakes. 'Nuff said.     ...ssssssssnakessss

My Buddy Hates...Peeps
April 18, 2019

Just in time for Easter/ Holy Week/ Spring, we have a pastel colored, freshly bloomed episode for you. Have you ever wanted to celebrate this holiday or season with family or friends, only to have it decimated by the inclusion of one of the worst...

My Buddy Hates...Hating Things
April 10, 2019

We need your help! Matt just doesn't hate things enough. Julian decides it's time to make a desperate plea to all (both) of our listeners for topics that Matt could potentially hate, and lays out a plan (some might even say a scheme) that could change...

My Buddy Hates...Indefinite Hiatuses
April 05, 2019

Why exactly do our favorite bands just up and decide to break up? Or, and worse yet, go on an "indefinite hiatus?" Why leave your fanbase in the lurch by being so vague and ominous (especially when most bands just get back together in a few short...

My Buddy Hates...Country Music (Reactions)
March 29, 2019

It's our first official "Reactions" episode! When the buddies receive quite a bit of feedback to their respective takes on Country Music, well...let's just say it seems they're both going to be hittin' Amarillo by morning.