Mutterings From A Bald Guy And His Wife

Mutterings From A Bald Guy And His Wife

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CNB 26: Opening the doors to demons
July 15, 2019

Is there anything in your life that opens up the door for demons to come in?

CNB 25: Being fatherless in a fatherless country
July 08, 2019

Nichole and Jmac open up about the realities of being raised without a biological father in the picture. In this interview, you will gain insight and encouragement about the good and bad in regards to being raised fatherless. Thank you,​ Nichole and Jmac

CNB 24: Beginning marks .2 (featuring Jmac)
July 01, 2019

What's your next step in life? It starts with believing everything we have and don't have is because of Christ alone. Wherever we are God is still who He is and never changes.

CNB 23: Beginning marks (featuring Jmac)
June 25, 2019

I, Nichole, and Josh discuss how and when God moved us to serve in ministry. The path wasn't always easy; however, God did amazing things through obedience to Him.

CNB 22: Love is a choice not a feeling
June 17, 2019

Love is not a cultural pass, but a concrete truth found in Scripture. We will experience so much peace if we live life choosing to love.

CNB 21: How to connect with others and share Jesus; no church words
June 10, 2019

Sharing Jesus with others does not have to be difficult or intimidating. Use these practical steps to share in a way that is relational and honors Romans 10:17.

CNB 20: The do's and dont's of social
June 03, 2019

We take a deep dive into current social media trends and how to make the most Jesus impact through this medium. Social media is not going away, it is actually growing. Because of this we should go where everyone else is and speak the message of truth.

CNB 19: When to change for good and when not to
May 27, 2019

How and when should we determine our vision? Vision is essential in life and determining one's trajectory.

CNB 18: Live in peace now while not regretting the past
May 21, 2019

Living in peace does not mean we bow down to opposition. Living in peace means we sacrificially give up our right to attack and let Jesus fight for us.

CNB 17: How to prevent an affair and the hope and peace you can find in the midst of one. pt. 3
May 12, 2019

Being married is one of the most rewarding gifts ever given to the human race. Just because being married is a blessing does not mean it is easy. Staying fully connected to your spouse can prove to be difficult; however, it will keep you from an affair.