Music Lessons and Marketing

Music Lessons and Marketing

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Rethinking Music Lessons with Nate Shaw | EP 233
June 17, 2024

In this episode, we look at new ways to teach music. Our guest, Nate Shaw, co-host of the Seven Figure Music School podcast and owner of the Brooklyn Music Factory, shares his unique method of gamifie

A Rare Opportunity to Work with Dave Simon | EP 232
June 06, 2024

Join Dave as he delves into the essentials of effective leadership in the music education business. He explores the importance of mentorship, both in having a mentor and being one. Discover how thes

A Cure to the Music Teacher Shortage Part III | EP 231
June 05, 2024

Many music schools prefer hiring instructors with advanced degrees, but U-Rock Music Schools focus on mentoring and hiring teenager stands out. In this episode, I speak with Daniela Guglieta, a paren

A Cure to the Music Teacher Shortage Part II | Ep 230
May 31, 2024

Join Dave as he explores the innovative solution to music teacher shortages with Cathy Hallessey and Brian Brodersen from U-Rock Music School. Discover their unique approach to staffing their school w

How to Lead During a Crisis | EP 229
May 22, 2024

Join Dave as he delves into the essentials of effective leadership in the face of adversity. He explores how to navigate crises with composure and clarity. Discover the pivotal role of leadership in b

5 Limiting Beliefs That Could be Hurting Your Music School | EP 228
May 08, 2024

Join Dave as he shares the top challenges music school owners face and how to overcome them. Based on insights from a recent Music Lessons and Marketing Facebook group poll, Dave identifies five commo

An Instagram Ads Strategy For Group Classes | EP 227
April 27, 2024

Ready to dive into the world of Instagram advertising with Danny Thompson? In this episode, he's spilling all the secrets on how to rock Instagram ads and supercharge your advertising game. We'll talk

How To Increase Sales And Improve Retention In Just 10 Minutes | EP 226
April 23, 2024

Discover effective strategies to boost sales and enhance student retention in your music school. In this episode, Dave unveils two proven methods to keep students engaged and coming back for more. Say

How to Create a Word-of-Mouth Marketing Strategy | EP 225
April 03, 2024

Ready to unlock the secrets of a powerful word-of-mouth marketing strategy? Dive into this eye-opening episode with Dave. Despite its undeniable effectiveness, too many music schools are missing out o

What Your Families Think of Your Pricing | Ep 224
March 25, 2024

In this episode, Dave shares insights into the psychology behind pricing and customer perception, particularly in the context of music lessons. People often have a vague idea about the cost of music l