Music History Power Hour

Music History Power Hour

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The Dichotomy of the Human Condition
April 19, 2019

Join Amanda and Scott as they discuss the dirty deeds of Carlo Gesualdo ad the uplifting story of Def Leppard’s Rick Allen. Be sure to drink a Mind Eraser along with us - there are bound to be a few things you’ll want to forget about.

Banned from MTV for Meating Eat
April 02, 2019

Join Scott and Amanda as they discuss Queen’s banishment from MTV for doing drag, and Percy Grainger’s not-so-wholesome relationship with his mom. Crack open a Four Loko like you did in your freshman dorm room and listen to the sweet, sweet sounds of our

The World's Most Notorious Episode
March 21, 2019

In this week’s episode Scott and Amanda talk about “the world’s most notorious rock band” Mötley Crüe! Join the “Jacked” up pair as they discuss the band’s antics in Edmonton, Vince Neil’s fatal car accident, and Nikki Sixx’s two-minute death from a hero

Triskaidekaphobic Plaster Peens
March 11, 2019

Join Scott and Amanda for a reunion after a brief hiatus - they discuss Schoenberg and his fear of the number 13, the infamous 27 Club, and Amanda’s idol Cynthia Plaster Caster. PLEASE DON’T pour yourself a “Cement Mixer Shot” with this episode - the pen

Once Upon A Time In Terezin
February 24, 2019

Scott weighs the pros and cons of Wu Tang Clan’s exclusive album “Once Upon A Time In Shaolin,” and Amanda pours her heart and soul into the story of the Defiant Requiem in Terezin. This week’s episode comes with a content warning: human atrocities and g

Hetfield's "Hotter Than Hell"
February 17, 2019

Scott licks up all the juicy details behind Kiss Symphony and the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra, while Amandas gives us all the gruesome details on James Hetfield’s pyrotechnic accident and a resulting riot in Montreal. This episode is paired with “Enter

Minisode 1: The Spaceman versus The Demon
February 14, 2019

In their Valentine’s Day minisode, Scott and Amanda discuss the recently exploded feud between Ace Freely and Gene Simmons. Load up your love guns and grab a glass of cold gin, it’s going to be a wild ride!

Flaming Lakes and the Mysterious "Mysterium"
February 10, 2019

Scott discusses the story behind Deep Purple’s famous “Smoke on the Water,” and Amanda rants about Alexander Scriabin’s symphony to end the world. You’re going to need to say 4 Hail Mary’s (and drink about 3 Bloody Mary’s) to purify your soul after this

“Bye, Felicia!” the Symphony and “Sticky Fingers”
January 27, 2019

Scott describes Haydn’s “Farewell Symphony,” and Amanda tries to keep it together in reiterating the famous Rolling Stones Mars Bar incident. This episode is paired with the “Electric Chocolate Martini" - powered up for her pleasure. Let’s turn up the j

Bat Decapitations and Naughty Canons
January 27, 2019

Join Scott and Amanda as they discuss Ozzy Osbourne famously biting the head off of a live bat, and W.A. Mozart’s naughty piece “Leck Mich im Arsch.” This episode is paired with "A Piece of Ass,” so pour one for yourself, sit back, relax, and don’t forge