Murder, etc.

Murder, etc.

Latest Episodes

Special Report: Found & Lost
December 06, 2019

State police, FBI to investigate Greenville Police Department and the Looper murder evidence that police now admit has disappeared.

Special Report: Gone
November 29, 2019

After the discovery of potential new evidence in the Looper murders case, a startling report of what's happening inside the Greenville Police Department.

The Closer
November 16, 2019

If you had nothing to lose, would you help kill a man?

Special Report: Cutting the Lock
November 07, 2019

Bombshell admission of new evidence accusing a law man of the Looper murders

Miss Mae
November 01, 2019

We found a man with a secret that he didn't know he had...

Special report: October Surprise
October 27, 2019

Breaking developments in the case

Greenville's Summer Sons
October 11, 2019

With friends like these...

Behind the Scenes with Brad Willis
September 27, 2019

Producer Brad Willis speaks at a live event in Greenville, SC hosted by the Emrys Foundation and discusses the challenges of putting together Murder, etc.

Dead End Country Road
September 19, 2019

Retired cops finally talk about who they suspect killed the Loopers.

Bonus Interview: Danny Jones
September 09, 2019

Retired narcotics officer Danny Jones appeared in Episode 19. In this extended edit of the interview, Jones explains more about how he came to know Frank Looper and the impact it had on his life.