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Joshua Williamson’s Flash Volumes 10, 11 & Year One - Character Corner #112

June 10, 2023

We delayed the release of this episode until Kriss was out of town. We also timed it right around the time the Flash review dropped. Enjoy.

Post Flash War, Barry turns back into a student and has to go through a bit of a re-education phase. This fits right in with the Joshua Williamson theme of taking Barry Allen on a journey we really haven’t seen him in before. A lot of this feels familiar to those of us who grew up with Wally West as our Flash because we watched him go through the same journey. With Barry, its not only about him really studying the speed force but also learning that a Flash doesn’t run alone. It’s also really interesting to read the journey that Barry is on while also reading the journey that Batman is on in the King books. You’d like Bruce would be the depressed sounding pessimist but it’s actually Barry.


  • Volume 10: Force Quest
  • Volume 11: The Greatest Trick of All
  • Year One
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