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Age of Disinformation - Insanity Check #670

November 17, 2020

We're down to the final two (planned) episodes of the Insanity Check. For this episode I'm joined by Justin from 3FifsPodcast and we're able to breathe a sigh of relief because Joe Biden pulled it off and beat Trump in the 2020 election. Sure, we know this isn't going to solve everything, but not having a dictator-wannabe in office is a huge improvement. 

* Biden & Trump got the most votes in history because this was the most accessible general election ever
* Joe Biden ran a helluva campaign
* We feel some kind of way about all the "two sides of the same coin" and "I just can't vote for Hillary" folks that all the sudden voted for Biden *cough* Marc Lamont Hill *cough*
* AOC made valid points about moderate Dems 
* Dems don't need to "win back" white working class voters...they only need 40-42%
* The war against facts and truth is being lost
* The Trump campaign really went out like some the parking lot of a landscaping company 

* Kimberly Guilfoyle offered lap dances to fundraisers who offered the most money
* Rudy Guiliani is not only an idiot but he's leading Trump's legal challenges and its going swimmingly 

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