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The Flash S6E11 Review Respect the Onesie - Super Tuesday Recap

February 16, 2020

Now normally we don't care much for "themed" episodes that line up with holidays but we really did enjoy this episode of The Flash (Love is a Battlefield). First off, Candice Patton was great. After Iris got pulled into the mirror at the end of last episode, we were expecting a "Mirror" version of Iris. But instead of just making this evil-Iris, we got more subtle behavior changes (aside from her all the sudden knowing how to cook). Every one of the things Iris does this episode that could tip Barry off that something was wrong could easily be explained with a legit reason. It was a great way to show that Iris has grown and that Barry needs to realize that his wife isn't some damsel in distress and more than capable of taking care of herself (Of course...that's ignoring that she got herself in trouble and the real her is now trapped in a mirror but anyway...)
We also talk about how great Amunet is and how we want her to lead the rogues and we have a couple of theories on why Nash saw another Wells briefly. 
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