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Notes App Apologies - Insanity Check #645

September 29, 2019

Kriss is back with another episode of the Insanity Check to cover the last two weeks of insanity. This episode he's joined by two guests: Rod from The Black Guy Who Tips and Aaron from Unreasonable Fridays. They cover the top breaking news stories that everyone is talking about. From the vaping ban to just how prevalent "cancel culture" is. Oh and yes, there is talk about the impeachment inquiry 

* We Got'em: Vaping on its way to being banned
* Fast & Furious Pony Express: Amish men get drunk on their horse and buggy & run from the cops
* Eddie Murphy says he's grown past the offensive things from Raw & Delirious
* Is cancel culture real?
* Black Face is Back: This is why Justin Trudeau isn't the Canadian Obama
* Dems launch impeachment inquiry...let's hope this goes the way people fantasize it will
* Great Moments in White Privilege

* Teacher who raped student claims it should have been legal

* I Am The Manager Moment: Black Commissioner confronts officer who arrested him illegally


* Aaron - Unreasonable Fridays
* Rod - The Black Guy Who Tips 

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