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Freaks - Movie Trailer Reviews

September 13, 2019

Freaks Intends to Making You Second Guess Yourself

Synopsis: Kept locked inside the house by her father, 7-year-old Chloe lives in fear and fascination of the outside world, where Abnormals create a constant threat – or so she believes. When a mysterious stranger offers her a glimpse of what’s really happening outside, Chloe soon finds that while the truth isn’t so simple, the danger is very real.

Lexy Kolker / Emile Hirsch / Bruce Dern / Grace Park / Amanda Crew

Adam Stein and Zach Lipovsky

100 mins

September 13, 2019

Brandon decided that he needed to mess with our minds this time around. With no hint of story direction, he dropped Freaks on Ro and Kriss. Writer/Director duo Adam Stein and Zach Lipovsky's feature film debut creates a universe that feels like it needs far, far more movies. Shortly into the film, the story feels like a "family on the run" story with a Father and daughter attempting to hide in plain sight but just as you settle in, things go sideways right before things get dark. Trust and believe there are twist and unexpected turns that take sci-fi to a refreshing place. 

Listen to the crew chat and then go watch it Freaks for yourself. 
Freaks is a sci-fi thriller wholly unique even as certain elements come together to represent something familiar. The chemistry between all the characters is convincing and makes every second just that much more captivating. It's so convincing Ro, Brandon, and Kriss argued over whether or not they'd just watched yet another child with serious sociopathic tendencies or if everything that happened just demonstrates why not telling people what the hell is going on will always lead to murder and mayhem (we're really here for it either way). 

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