Yoga Off The Mat - The Movement For Modern Life Podcast

Yoga Off The Mat - The Movement For Modern Life Podcast

Latest Episodes

Interview: Nutrition for Health and Wellbeing
January 20, 2021

In this interview with MFML, founder of Urban Kitchen and a nutritional scientist, Toral Shah, shares her thoughts on the impact of nutrition on health and wellbeing, particularly on chronic lifestyle diseases.

Ep 42: Yoga and Joy
December 09, 2020

What can yoga and Buddhism teach us about joy, both for ourselves and others?

Ep 41: Yoga, Trauma & Ceremony
November 25, 2020

How can yoga and ceremony help us release from emotional trauma?

Ep 40: Anatomy, Awareness and Intuition
November 11, 2020

“Our bodies make our decisions, and our minds simply catch up”

Ep 39: Yoga and Buddhism
October 30, 2020

How do the philosophies of yoga and Buddhism interrelate?

Ep 38: Accessible Yoga
October 14, 2020

In this episode, we talk to the master of adaptive yoga, Frederique Sardais, about how yoga can be a truly inclusive practice for every body.

37: The Yoga Sutras and their relevance today
September 25, 2020

"We need to probe and figure out a broader definition and understanding of the sutras… we need to apply them to the way we live our lives now. "

Ep 36: Ancient Wisdom for Modern Life
September 16, 2020

Discover how ancient wisdom can inform and support our modern lives.

35: Meditation - Playfulness
July 16, 2020

A Happy, Healthy, Sustainable Life

34: Meditation - Finding Courage
July 08, 2020

A Happy, Healthy, Sustainable life