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Mortgage Mom Radio - Podcast

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Do you have a new job and you are wondering if you can use the income to qualify without waiting?
October 11, 2019

In this episode we answer questions from our listeners. Every Friday tune in to our podcast right here at to hear what others have been asking! - One of the questions this week was from Kaitlyn.

What is the difference between a conforming loan, conforming high balance, and a jumbo loan?
October 09, 2019

Conforming conventional loans are quite different than what you find in your government backed loans. The loan limits are different, the underwriting guidelines are different, the credit score requirements are different,

Homeowner Insurance – The importance of an annual check up!
October 07, 2019

You! Yes, you! If you own your own and you have not checked in with your insurance agent about your policy, it's time to do so. Why? There are so many things that change from when you first bought your home that you could be uninsured from adopting a n...

Streamline Refinance
October 04, 2019

Have you been wondering if you would qualify for a streamline refinance? What is a streamline refinance? Do we need to pull your credit? Review your income to qualify? Can you pull cash out of the property at closing?

Are you a Veteran? Learn about your purchase and refinance options!
October 03, 2019

Are you a Veteran? Learn about your purchase and refinance options! We go into detail about your benefits and options available. This is a great episode if you don't know what is available to you! - How do you get through to Mom?

The answer is never no! The answer is when?
September 30, 2019

In this Podcast we catch up with Mom and Heidi about their week. We learn that Christopher gets to play baseball for the first time and we hear from the Mortgage Mom about her kids experiences in sports. Also,

Why is Mortgage Mom talking about Tustin Buick GMC?
September 28, 2019

Have you ever had a traumatic car buying experience? I know that I have! I absolutely hate feeling like I'm being attached by vulture's when I walk through the door at a car dealership. Buying a car is the last experience on my list of anywhere near pl...

Mortgage Insurance Options – Conventional/FHA/VA
September 26, 2019

Our listeners text us questions weekly. In this episode we answer many questions that came in during the show. One of those questions helped us to explain mortgage insurance, VA funding fee's, and FHA mortgage insurance premium options.

The Federal Reserve dropped the Prime Rate again. What does this mean to you?
September 25, 2019

The Federal Prime Prime Rate has dropped again. The common phone call received this week is, "What does this mean to me? Will I get a lower interest rate for my loan in process?" I explain how the prime rate effects credit cards and home equity lines o...

Catching up with Mom!
September 23, 2019

Monday's are catch up with Mom day's. What have Debbie and Heidi been up to this week? Mortgage Mom Radio moves companies and now calls home to Movement Mortgage! Heidi becomes a Grandma! The little guy is sick!