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Morning JOLT

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Guardians: Experiencing the Law Of Love
April 30, 2024

As Guardians, we are tasked with sending out and administering love to the world. Each day as we send love and light into the world we are also dismantling the darkness of the world in this people are getting set free from pain, misery, hate, addiction an

The Year of Being Seen: Your Story
March 14, 2024

Continuing our series on writing your story. Been away getting ready for television, but we have returned to continue this series. Its important you get to learn write your story. That is very important to your life as your story comes from within. T

The YOBS- Your Story
February 15, 2024

We are continuing the series, Writing Your Story. What do you want your story to be in the world. This is important as you are in charge of how its expressed to world each day. People will read your story and be uplifted or otherwise. So be cognizant

Guardians: Taking Notice of the Victories
February 07, 2024

Its been an exciting time as over these past few years we have walked into a new world. The hearts and consciousness of the world has shifted into inclusiveness, rebuilding trust, prosperity for all, protecting the environment and more. We are seeing thi

2024- The Year of Being Seen Your Story 2
February 02, 2024

We are continuing our series on being seen for 2024 and in this second episode we push forward into telling your story. Your Story is written in you and its one you choose to write by listening to yourself, working on yourself, focusing on yourself so tha

The Year of Being Seen- Your Story
January 30, 2024

Your Story, the one written within your energy is important to the greater cosmic mosaic that we call life. Learning to listen to your story and write is important as you live it in the world. --- Support this podcast:

Guardians: The Universe Makes One Rich
January 24, 2024

As Guardians, we are sending out love and light - working vanquish the evil of hate, greed, racism, sexism, etc as these are lower energies that seek to wreck havoc on the lives of people. In this we are working to transform lives, as love edicts fear as

THE Year of Being Seen -2024
January 18, 2024

Learning how we are seen to love, helps us in our focus on how we are seen to ourselves, others and the world. Working on ourselves each day will help us to be more cognizant of who we are, how to properly see ourselves and relate the world. This is impo

2024 The Year of Being Seen
January 15, 2024

We are continuing our series on the year of being seen- how we are seen to love, to ourselves and to make this reality in the world. This is a powerful way to live and be a peace with us. And peace within is all that you need as it only comes from that

Guardians 2024: Making Ths Invisible- Visible
January 08, 2024

Welcome to 2024! A new year of firsts, amazing conquests and launching forward. We are talking about making the invisible world within us a reality outside of us. As Guardians, we have been tasked with making rights wrong, bringing love and light into th