Morning Coffee with Larry Quicksall

Morning Coffee with Larry Quicksall

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S2E2 - When It Rains - 6-5-2024
June 06, 2024

When it rains, it pours, whether you are recording a podcast or facing issues in life. On today's episode I want to share with you my thoughts on coping with life's rainstorms and how to turn them into a more positive experience. --- Send in a

S2E3 - Graduation - 5-26-2024
May 26, 2024

May is the month of graduations, and I have been to 2 graduations and 3 graduation parties. With all these graduation celebrations I have been thinking back to my own high school and college graduation, I thought I would share some of my thoughts and memo

600 - Life Lessons Part 5 - 5-13-2024
May 13, 2024

Todays episode is the last in a series of life lessons that everyone should develop. It is based on a list from a March 1933 edition of Harpers magazine.--- Send in a voice message:

599 - Life Skills Part 4 - 5-7-2024
May 08, 2024

I am continuing with this series on life skills based on a 1933 article from Harpers Magazine. --- Send in a voice message:

598 - Life Skill Part 3 - 5-6-2024
May 06, 2024

Today I am continuing with part three of my series of life skills from a 1933 article from Harpers Magazine. --- Send in a voice message:

597 - Life Skills Part 2 - 5-2-2024
May 02, 2024

Today we continue with part two of our series of important life skills as listed from a 1933 article in Harpers magazine.--- Send in a voice message:

596 - Life Skills Part 1 - 4-30-2024
April 30, 2024

On todays episode, I am starting a short series regarding an article from March 1933 Harpers magazine having to do with important life skills that every man should be taught. I think these skills are ones that every man and woman should be taught and don

595 - The Eclipse and Baby Goats - 9-9-2024
April 09, 2024

Every day we have the opportunity to see miracles. Yesterday my wife and I along with several friends were able to see the 2024 great American eclipse, and later that evening we got to experience another wonderful miracle. What was it? Listen to today’s p

594 - Leaves, Branches, and Roots - 4-1-2024
April 01, 2024

There are different ways of looking at other people, and sometimes the way we see other people says more about ourselves in them. What am I talking about? Listens to todays podcast and find out!--- Send in a voice message: https://podcasters.spotify.

593 - Green Flags - 3-15-2024
March 15, 2024

On todays episode I want to talk about green flags in relationships, which is kind of the opposite of the red flags that we already know to look out for. Green flags are those positive traits that help make a relationship with someone a good relationship