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Defending the Indefensible in Foster Care
June 10, 2021

In which supposedly-educated professors contradict basic economic theory in service of a bigoted agenda on foster care.

Marjorie Greene’s Mask-Holocaust Madness
May 27, 2021

Our response to Rep. Marjorie Greene's inappropriate Holocaust comparison, and reaction to our response.

President Biden Passes on Antisemitism in America
May 02, 2021

In which I discuss my recent piece Fox News, discussing why President Biden passed over discussing antisemitism while discussing many other forms of hate.

We’re not calling J Street a hate group… yet
April 23, 2021

J Street is doing its level best to deserve the title.

CJV rebukes an ADL gone off-course
April 16, 2021

Antisemitism is too real and large a problem for the ADL, the largest organization created to fight it, to misuse it as a partisan weapon.

The Media Abandons Reality
April 09, 2021

The media has abandoned objective reality in favor of its chosen -- and entirely false -- narrative. Four proofs.

Pharoah and the Woke Mob: A Passover Message
March 19, 2021

The enslavement of the Jews in Egypt was a slow slide to tyranny, prompted by a woke mob.

Speech codes don’t fight bigotry, they nurture it
March 11, 2021

Instead of fighting bigotry, they are imposing speech codes. This isn't halting bigotry, but encouraging it.

Chris not covering Andrew Cuomo; CPAC and the Odal Rune
March 03, 2021

Chris Cuomo says he can't cover his brother Andrew's scandals, and immediately people pile on, as if it were inappropriate for him to have entertained people with interviews with his brother before. While I am no fan of either Chris or Andrew's views,

More on the Equality Act, and Nadler leading the War on Religion
February 28, 2021

Jerry Nadler's Response to Greg Steube quoting the Bible reveals the true agenda of the "Equality Act."