Moped Outlaws

Moped Outlaws

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I Come To Wound the Autumnal City
September 26, 2022

Art gave us the task of speaking about the season fall and we did. I guess it was more shadow talk Halloween, Archangel Michael, some poetry shared trauma And a good bit about the great fictional

The Decaying Carcass of an Old Salt
September 19, 2022

Ar!! It be talk like a pirate day today, and one of us did their homework and be talkin like a true rogue of the seven seas a buccaneer with an even keel and true sail. We be discussin the code o

Cuddle & Cry
September 12, 2022

This episode starts with one of the co-hosts has trouble getting in to our studio and the other co-host falls short of encouragement. And we turn our malice on our producer; Art. Theres 9/11 talk, Y

I Don’t Like Mondays
September 05, 2022

This episode is about mass shootings the darker side of humanity. What is the source of human violence? What causes the silicon chip inside her head to switch to overload? #mopedoutlaws #enjoy

The Ultimate Lessons in Surrender
August 29, 2022

We talk about my Mom in process of passing and the fascia of consciousness. #mopedoutlaws #enjoy

Drunk-Ass Thinking
August 22, 2022

Well, there is some talk about male period pains. How different hygiene products would be if men did have periods… A bit regarding recovering from COVID. We talk about Jar Jar Binks critical scene in

Suffering is Optional
August 15, 2022

Episode 61 is about our Moms… more directly, the passing of our Mothers. That’s what this is about. #mopedoutlaws #enjoy

Elvis Had Little Nuts
August 08, 2022

A quick shoutout to the auspicious nature of episode sixty coinciding with Greg’s sixtieth birthday. And then…?? We dive into the debate about misappropriation of music. Is it possible? Is creativity

Fills Me With Giddy Joy
August 01, 2022

A main starter this episode: our adventure to see Dave Chappelle live in Santa Rosa!! …Happy Birthday, Jerry. #mopedoutlaws #enjoy

Get on the Back of the Bike and Feel the Wind
July 25, 2022

We discuss what we are learning from the Heal Thyself course, and the documentary, “Who We Are…”. AND – we have a special guest!!! Marc’s sister, Doren Damico, joins us and brought wonderful energy to