Monsters, Madness and Magic

Monsters, Madness and Magic

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EP#251: Pits of Wings and Other Dark Things - An Interview with Ramsey Campbell
April 05, 2024

Join Justin and special guest co-host Howie Bentley of Cauldron Born and Briton Rites as they chat with legendary author Ramsey Campbell about classical music, horror films, Clark Ashton Smith, H.P Lo

EP#250: Maestro of the Macabre - An Interivew with Claudio Simonetti
April 04, 2024

Join Justin as he chats with legendary film composer and musician Claudio Simonetti about Demons, Dario Argento, Italian horror, Goblin, and more!

EP#249: The Horror from Hull House - An Interview with Linnea Quigley
March 28, 2024

Join Justin as he chats with actor Linnea Quigley about Night of the Demons, dancing in graveyards, pets, Charles Band, Lloyd Kaufman, and more!

EP#248: Reigning by Fire - An Interview with John Bush
March 26, 2024

Join Justin as he chats with musician John Bush of Armored Saint about Hellraiser III, managing musical input amongst band members, tough tours, Anthrax, and more!

EP#247: A Place Among the Dead - An Interview with Juliet Landau
March 20, 2024

Join Justin as he chats with actor Juliet Landau about cultivating her childhood creativity, her directorial debut A PLACE AMONG THE DEAD, Drusilla, BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER, and more!

EP#246: Princess of Bel-Air - An Interview with Karyn Parsons
March 06, 2024

Join Justin as he chats with actor Karyn Parsons about making her film debut in a horror movie, Michael Jackson vs Prince, the influence of James Avery on and off set of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, h

EP#245: Eternal Days and Forever Knights - An Interview with Geraint Wyn Davies
March 04, 2024

Join Justin as he chats with actor Geraint Wyn Davies about religion, improv, having fun on the stage, his memories filming Forever Knight, and more!

EP#244: An Age Undreamed Of - A Sword and Sorcery Discussion
February 28, 2024

In this round table discussion, Justin is joined by Howie Bentley of Cauldron Born, Jason Tarpey of Eternal Champion, and Deathmaster of Doomsword to discuss their personal history with Sword and Sorc

EP#243: Run for Your Lives - An Interview with Bruce Dickinson
February 24, 2024

Join Justin as he chats with legendary vocalist Bruce Dickinson about growing up on the pulps, Hammer horror films, writing fiction, psychedelic experiences, and more!

EP#242: The Power of the Glow - An Interview with Taimak
February 20, 2024

Join Justin as he chats with actor and martial artist Taimak about Kung Fu flicks, becoming Bruce Leroy, Julius Carry, mental training, and spiritual experiences.