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Mom Inspired Show with Amber Sandberg

How to manage your money with cost of living increases: Laurie-Anne King: 297

July 05, 2022

Are you starting to wonder how you will save money when everything seems to be increasing in price?

Today I have Laurie-Anne King on the show to talk about money and how to navigate the cost of living increase we are experiencing in 2022. Laurie-Anne shares her story of how she paid off 40k worth of debt to now coaching women to have a certain mindset regarding money.  We talk about how to plan your money during inflation. Not to freak out about the stock market but to take advantage of it since stocks are on sale. She also shares with us some creative ways to make extra money to build up our savings during this time. One topic that stood out to me is when Laurie-Anne encouraged us to be kind to ourselves since we are coming off a pandemic and into a recission.  Hear what we have to say about this topic and more on the podcast.

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Laurie-Anne King



A plan for your money, playing defense
Inflation how does that play into this
Side hustle, gigs  love the apps  that give you freedom but make money that let you set up  task rabbit, rover to walk dogs
Saving money vs just feeling you can't spend money
buy stocks when low, they are on sale
Dollar cost averaging
Be kind to yourself  coming off the pandemic and now going into an inflation