Mom Inspired Show with Amber Sandberg

Mom Inspired Show with Amber Sandberg

Finding Joy in Challenging Times: Wendi Lou Lee: 160

November 05, 2019

Do you find that when challenges come up in your life that you forget to remember the good things too?

Today we have Wendi Lou Lee on the show, some of you might know her as "Baby Grace" from Little House on the Prairie.   Wendi shares with us her journey of being on the show for 4 seasons all before starting Kindergarten.  She also shares here story about having brain surgery to remove a tumor and how God worked through the worst circumstances to reveal His great love for her.  We also talk about comparison and how it's very easy to fall into that trap especially as women. Wendi opens up with us on how she handled fear and anxiety during that challenging time in her life.  Hear what she says about this topic and more on the podcast.



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