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Mom Inspired Show with Amber Sandberg

A journey of faith: Rachel Pellegrino: 154

September 24, 2019

Have you ever felt a nudge to go after something that would take a leap of faith?
Today Founder and Publisher of Little Lamb Books Rachel Pellegrino on the show. We dive into how she started her journey as well as talking about some of her favorite christian books for kids especially chapter books.  Rachel shares with us how she decided to go from being a teacher to starting her own publishing company and how it really was a leap of faith.  She shares with us how important it is to have kids reading and some tips with helping kiddos who don't love to read to be able to read more.  One topic that Rachel mentioned that stood out to me is when she said how important it is to read to your kids even when they know how to read. Hear what she says about this topic and more on the podcast.

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Resources mentioned in the show:
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Books Rachel recommends:
Teeny Sweeney and the Mustache Cash
Hello Stars
The Green Ember
The Secret of the Hidden Scrolls

Guest Info:

Rachel Pellegrino

Facebook: @littlelambbooks
Instagram: little_lamb_books

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