Reclaiming Her

Reclaiming Her

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How to Build a Life You Love
July 27, 2022

Our world is changing rapidly and while it's really easy to get wrapped up in the swirliness of it all, I invite you to get grounded and join me on this conversation on building a life that YOU love. 

How I Use Human Design with my Kids to Alleviate Mom Guilt
July 20, 2022

Human Design is a beautiful tool to come back to again and again and I do that with parenting all the time. Our kids are their own unique little beings and it can be hard and confusing to teach them and guide them through what is ultimately best for them,

Aligning with Your Divine TIming
July 13, 2022

I believe in manifestation. I believe in quantum leaping. But one thing that is also a very special element in all of this is your sacred timing. In this episode I share that even someone like me, a Manifestor, has a gestation period. The way in which we

A Before and After: 4 years after I began my spiritual healing journey
May 11, 2022

I began my spiritual healing journey 4 years ago this month. While I am an entirely different, I am simultaneously exactly who I have always been. Come on this reflection with me as I share some of the key pieces to really riding this wave, integrating th

Reclaiming the Truth of Who You are Using Human Design
April 28, 2022

I love Human Design. It's a fascinating system that often leaves you feeling excited, empowered, and overwhelmed. There is so much information to learn and sometimes we can get stuck there - in the learning, and lose the rememberance altogether that this

The Energetics behind my two major life purchases
April 19, 2022

I recently bought a new home and a new car! This feels so good. But what feels even better is following all the energetics behind these decisions. I share how my authority came into play and my highest self as a Manifestor. Soul and DNA upgrades without t

Clear the Shadows or You will Forever be Chasing the Light
March 15, 2022

Inside of you is pure light. That light is simply overshadowed by the traumas you have experienced in this lifetime and past. When you decide to clear that shadow, everything shifts. Take a listen to the healing energy of this episode. 

Self-Discovery through your Soul's Age and Work
March 08, 2022

This is a fun conversation on New Souls and Old Souls + shadow work and light work. 

When Life Starts to Fall Apart
March 01, 2022

This time that we are living in is truly magnificent. Yes, it's hard. Healing is hard. But the way in which it is illuminating what isn't working for us and in many cases, what has never worked for us is also a gift. How are you dealing with it all right

It's Time for a (Re)Evolution
February 22, 2022

Season 2 of the Reclaiming Her podcast is Here! Reclaiming Her is a sacred journey to healing and revealing the truth of who you are... and it's time for a Re(Evolution). We are living in such a magnificent time of change and while some of that change has