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Tame Your Inner Critic & Define Your Core Values for a Great New Year!
December 02, 2021

December 2, 2021 / Mom &… Podcast Episode 47 / Guest: Amy Wolfgang of CoachWolfgang Show Summary Amy Wolfgang’s early career pivots help give her a unique insight into the challenges her clients face

Bonus: Why You Need to Spend December with Us
November 30, 2021

TLDR: Spend December with us over in our private Facebook Mom & … Community group where we’ll be spending the month discussing our favorite exercises and top learnings from Megan Logan’s Self Love Wor

The Thank You Project – A Thanksgiving Gratitude Re-Release
November 24, 2021

November 25, 2021 Mom &… Podcast Re-Release of Episode 10 Guest: Nancy Davis Kho, Midlife Mixtape and The Thank You Project In this season of gratitude, we are re-releasing an episode with one of our

5 Steps to Streamlining Your Workload
November 18, 2021

November 18, 2021 / Mom &… Podcast Episode 45 / Guest: Whitnee Hawthorne, The Savvy Working Mom Show Summary When Whitnee’s first child was born, she went back to work and almost immediately realized

Slay Your Inner Critic & Live the Life You Want
November 11, 2021

Watch This Episode on Our YouTube Channel November 11, 2021 / Mom & … Podcast Episode 44 / Guest: Katherine Wintsch of Slay Like a Mother Show Summary Early in this episode, Katherine Wintsch says tha

Tipsy Ellipses FB Live with Cindy Whitesides
November 05, 2021

Watch This Episode On Our YouTube Channel November 5, 2021 Mom &… Podcast: Tipsy Ellipses Episode Guest: Cindy Whitesides, Life Coach Show Summary Tipsy Ellipses is a monthly bonus episode that we rec

Self-Love: Release Self-Doubt & Build Self-Compassion
November 04, 2021

Watch This Episode On Our YouTube Channel November 4, 2021 Mom &… Podcast Guest: Megan Logan, MSW, LCSW, Author of SELF-LOVE WORKBOOK FOR WOMEN Show Summary Megan Logan is a licensed therapist and aut

Imposter Syndrome, The Murky Middle, and How to Get Past Them
October 28, 2021

Watch this Episode On Our YouTube Channel October 28, 2021 Mom &… Podcast Episode 42 Guest: Christina Joy Whittaker Show Summary When it comes to showing women and professionals of color how to pivot

Build “Super” Skills, Habits and Confidence
October 21, 2021

Watch this Episode On Our YouTube Channel October 21, 2021 Mom &… Podcast Episode 41 Guest: Lori Oberbroeckling, Secrets of Supermom Show Summary Lori Oberbroeckling is the author of Secrets of Superm

Top Lessons from 40 Weeks of Coaches & Inspiring Moms
October 14, 2021

Watch this Episode on Our YouTube Channel October 14, 2021 Mom &… Podcast Episode 40: What We’ve Learned in 40 Weeks of Podcasting Show Summary Hosts Susanne Kerns and Missy Stevens talk about what th