Podcasts with Sarah Lawrence at Mom on a Spiritual Journey

Podcasts with Sarah Lawrence at Mom on a Spiritual Journey

Learn about the theory of the 8 intelligences – help grow your intuition

December 11, 2018
The theory of multiple intelligences and your intuition

Discover the link between the theory of multiple intelligences and your intuitive growth!

Intuition may be interesting to you as a curiosity item or for entertainment.

The fact is though that some of the most powerful and effective business leaders and educators work with their intuition.  Some of them are very open about how they use their intuition to succeed in business.  Other’s keep it a well-hidden secret!

Professionals in many fields also swear by the knowledge and skill that knowing the theory of multiple intelligences gives them.  My business partner in the UK and I created several business courses using this theory.  One of these courses was design in 1998 and is still running today!

So how can we learn about our own ability to learn and maximize that?  Plus, also harness that information with the knowledge of our own intuitive abilities and how to grow them?

As a reader of 10 years standing now, I’ve noticed that there is a direct connection for clients between their primary learning channel, and their primary Intuitive Channel.

Introducing the theory of multiple intelligences by Howard Gardner – finding your favorite intelligence will help you to learn better

There are 8 different intelligences (according to Howard Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligences).

Learning our most powerful or favorite intelligence can help us to learn and retain information.  This can be extremely useful when we have to make decisions under stress or deal with difficult situations.

Imagine you are a student studying to improve your prospects or needing to learn something new at work.

Knowing how you function at your best as a learner can only be helpful to you!

Perhaps you prefer visual learning, rather than listening to somebody talk.  Or maybe you really need to be at a track-desk or on a static bike to process some heavy reading.

The theory of multiple intelligences can help you to also discover your own personal intuitive process
As I have worked with clients over the years, giving Akashic Records Readings, (since 2010), I have realized that learning intelligence and intuitive intelligence is connected! I call this my 'theory of spiritual intelligence'.Click To Tweet
So how can listening to this podcast help you?

As you’ll hear from the podcast, I’ve developed a process for clients where with a simple exercise, you can discover your own learning preferences bases on the theory of multiple intelligences.

It’s easy to go through this self-reflection process and discover your favorite learning intelligence.

You simply read a sheet of information which I send you.  After that, you complete a chart and color it in!

Once you send the chart back to me, we can connect via phone or Skype for the coaching session, where you’ll also learn about your primary Intuitive Channel.  It’s very helpful to learn how your learning inputs are connected to Intuitive Awareness.

This is part of the coaching process I offer clients.  When I work with you to help you develop your intuition, I can then help you to connect your favorite intelligence with how you function best – intuitively speaking!

It’s your own personal superpower!


Sarah is an Intuitive Coach and gives Intuitive Readings and Coaching Sessions.  If you are interested in the Coaching Session to develop your intuition related to the theory of multiple intelligences, check out this page of information.

You can also download the brochure listing all 12 Intuitive Readings Sarah gives here>>