Modern Handgunners

Modern Handgunners

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MHG 35 Why Movement is Important
September 09, 2020

Movement, How they practice and why they do what they do.

A Revolver for Self Defense and Why You Might Want One MHG 34
September 01, 2020

They shoot a Smith & Wesson M66 K Frame Revolver. A modern take on a Combat Magnum that everyone used to love. Ben still loves it and that’s why he own’s it.

MHG 33 Lever Actions and Why You Should Have One
August 25, 2020

Lever Guns and why they are still useful today.

MHG 32 Vertical vs Horizontal Magazine Pouches
July 12, 2020

Bob and Ben head to the range to talk about how they carry extra magazines.

MHG 31 BullDog Holster Review
July 05, 2020

Ben and Bob head to the range to unbox and test the Bulldog Thumb Release Holster

MHG 30 Why Shoot One-Handed
June 21, 2020

Bob and Ben headed out to the range and talk about shooting one-handed. Why you should be practicing it.

MHG Shotgun Stopping Power
June 14, 2020

Bob and Ben are on the range with a shotgun and thought it would be fun to compare the stopping power of a shotgun and a handgun.

MHG 28 The #1 Shotgun Myth
June 08, 2020

Bob and Ben head out to the range to do a little shotgun work and let you watch as they debunk the number 1 shotgun myth.

MHG 27 Cool Fire Trainer Review First Impressions
May 31, 2020

Bob and Ben got together and borrowed a Cool Fire Trainer to review.

MHG 26 Sig P365 vs P365XL Review
May 24, 2020

Bob and Ben compare the Sig P365 vs P365XL. Ben loves the XL and Bob are falling for the P365. Find out why this might become their carry guns.