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#3.15 Open Rocket Overview with Neil Weinstock
November 22, 2022

Youve found Episode 15 of the Model Rocket Show! This time around, are talking to Neil Weinstock from the Open Rocket project about this useful software tool. - Neil Weinstock is one of the develop

#3.14 John Boren returns
September 25, 2022

John Boren returns to update us on his world, and on his world at Estes, now under new management! It was an enjoyable discussion, and we hope you enjoy it! -

13: Mike Nowak and James Duffy – FAI Competition Rocketry
February 20, 2022

James Duffy, left, and Mike Nowak, right, at the opening ceremonies of the European Space Modeling Competition in Ukraine, 2015 Here's an episode we recorded a while back, and since it's been a hot to

12: State of the show, and a deep dive into The Model Rocket Safety Code.
January 02, 2022

We're baaack! Daniel The Rocket n00b gives the update what's going on in his world. and the state of the program. Then Gheem and Jesse join forces to do a deep dive on The Model Rocket Safety Code. Th

11: Frank Burke and His RC Rocket Gliders
August 21, 2021

Model Rocket Guy Jesse U (left) with our guest, Frank Burke In this episode, Model Rocket Guy Jesse U of The Rocketry Show sits in for the N00b. Jesse talks with Frank Burke, maker of a number of amaz

#10: Randy Boadway – and Semroc
July 01, 2021

Our guest this week is our esteemed sponsor - Randy Boadway, owner of and producer of Semroc kits and parts. We have a great conversation, lots of fun, and Randy even tells me what the "b

#9: Chris Michielssen – Model Rocket Building!
May 15, 2021

Our guest, Chris Michielssen's fantastic blog I found Chris Michielssen's blog, Model Rocket Building (which you can visit by CLICKING HERE) shortly after I got started in this hobby back in 2014, and in it I found a wealth of knowledge.

Field Notes 2020: Part 1
March 06, 2021

2020 was a tough year. Rocketry really helped some of us get through it. I took a recorder along to almost every launch I went to, and the result is this 2-part series, Field Notes 2020. Because of the uncertainty,

Season 2 Episode 1 Teaser: Field Notes 2020
January 25, 2021

The N00b hashoursof audio to edit. - I took my recorder along to document (almost) every single launch I went to this year. There weren't as many formal launches as we had planned, obviously, but I

Workshop! With The Rocketry Show Guys
December 06, 2020

After a hiatus (you know, it's 2020...), we're back with The Model Rocket Show! This episode is a classic "workshop" episode fans of The Rocketry Show have come to enjoy - and the N00b is joined by Jesse and Gheem from The Rocketry Show! CG is there,