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Podcast Ep. 010: Jon Wipfli – FISH Cookbook

June 05, 2019

FISH Cookbook

In today's podcast I sit down with Jamie Carlson and special guest Jon Wipfli. Jon is a Twin Cities chef who grew up in Wisconsin and then went off to get trained at the French Culinary Institute in New York before heading back to the Midwest (Minnesota) where he continued his food journey. He's the founder of Animales Barbeque Co. which sits just outside of Able Seedhouse brewery in the North Loop neighborhood of Minneapolis. He's also the author of the cookbooks VENISON, and the forthcoming FISH cookbook (links below). We talk about growing up in the midwest, learning to hunt and fish, and then dig into what it means to cook great fish. Enjoy the conversation!

The Modern Carnivore Podcast is talking FISH (the forthcoming cookbook) with its author Jon Wipfli #fish #fishing #cookingwild #meatClick To Tweet
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The Modern Carnivore Podcast is talking FISH (the forthcoming cookbook) with its author Jon Wipfli #fish #fishing #cookingwild #meatClick To Tweet

Transcript Of Podcast - Fish Cookbook by Jon Wipfli
Introduction: 00:08
Welcome to the Modern Carnivore Podcast. A guide for those interested in hearing more about hunting, fishing and other paths to eating more responsibly. Now here's your host, Mark Norquist.

Mark: 00:23

Hello everyone and welcome to this episode 10 of the Modern Carnival or podcast. Today I am joined by John Wipfli and Jamie Carlson. Jamie, you are probably familiar with as he is a regular contributor on Modern Carnivore and if you haven't checked out a couple of his recent recipes, I highly recommend it. One of them is a nettle pasta and if you think about stinging nettles, they're generally something that you want to avoid when you're in the outdoors because obviously they can create a stingy irritation, uh, to your skin. But Jamie shares with everyone a recipe for turning these wild weeds into this beautiful green pasta, which I think is pretty fascinating. Another recipe he recently did was a venison heart tar-tar. If you have not eaten heart from a large angulate like a, like a deer, you're missing out. The tar tar recipe is, is essentially a way to prepare it raw and, uh, I've had heart with Jamie before and I know he knows how to prepare it very well and so I think you would find that recipe fascinating.
Fish Cookbook
Mark: 01:40

So I'm also joined today by John Wipfli. John is a new guest on the Modern Carnivore podcast. John and I get to know each other several years ago when he was an executive chef developing menus for a major barbecue chain and I knew at that tim...