The Ready State Podcast

The Ready State Podcast

Dave Colina: Founding O2 Hydration, Lessons Learned, and the Myth of Big Soda and Sports Drinks

May 18, 2023

Dave Colina is the founder and CEO of O2 Hydration, an Inc. 5000 beverage brand and the Official Sports Drink of The CrossFit Games. A former corporate strategist, Dave cut his entrepreneurial teeth while helping open a non-profit charter high school in Columbus, OH. He then left the office life to coach CrossFit and create a healthier hydration drink - eventually launching O2 from the trunk of Ohio's hardest-working Prius in 2014. Dave is a graduate of The Ohio State University, a certified CrossFit coach, Krav Maga black belt, and the marketing mind behind 2020's Best Beverage Marketing Campaign of the Year. He lives in Boulder, CO, and when he's not teaching business classes part-time at CU Boulder he's out riding his Harley and howling at the moon.

We get into his journey as an entrepreneur, lessons learned, and the myth of big soda and sports drinks.