The Ready State Podcast

The Ready State Podcast

Jeff Byers: Life After Football, Prioritizing Attitude and Effort, and Democratizing High Performance

November 17, 2022

Jeff Byers is the co-founder and CEO of Momentous -- a holistic wellness and nutrition company based in Park City, Utah. Designed by the brightest minds in performance athletics, but available for the everyday wellness enthusiast, Momentous is the first and only supplement brand to build formulas directly with experts from each of the four Major American Sports Leagues, launching in 2018 with a line of products designed by performance directors and dietitians from the NFL, NBA, NHL, and MLB.

Before Momentous Jeff had an insane collegiate athletic career all while getting his undergraduate degree and MBA, and THEN went on to play in the NFL for four years. We get into it all and learn why one of Jeff’s goals is to democratize high performance.

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