The Milwaukee Sports Performance Podcast

The Milwaukee Sports Performance Podcast

Ep27 | Jack Hackett: Lactate Threshold Training

September 28, 2020

Hey everyone, and welcome back to the podcast!  We are excited to bring you another episode with Jack Hackett.  Jack joined us on Episode 2 of the podcast to discuss all things running including foot striking and cadence.  If you haven't listened to that episode, you should take the time to go back and listen!  Today, we are going to dive into lactate threshold training.

Jack was an exercise physiology major and a collegiate runner at Marquette university for four years, where he ran cross country and the distance events in track.  Following his time at Marquette, he continued to train and run professionally for a brief period before an injury kept him from going further. Beyond running, Jack has worked at Performance Running Outfitters as the sales and staff training director and recently started his own company, Infinity Run Co.

Topics discussed today:

  • Breakdown of lactic acid and how we create our own energy
  • High neuromuscular load to low neuromuscular load: your brain at work
  • Why we fall back on gait retraining
  • Building your base of strength to produce more power when running

Reach out to Jack:

Via Twitter & Instagram: @infinityrunco

Via website:

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