The Milwaukee Sports Performance Podcast

The Milwaukee Sports Performance Podcast

Ep7 | Dave Mentkowski

April 20, 2020

Hey everyone and welcome back to the podcast!  I’m very much looking forward to you all heading our guest on today’s episode.  We are joined by Dave Mentowski who is currently the executive director for Chapman Basketball Academy.

Dave operates the south division as part of his role with Chapman.  Dave coaches teams, and performs skills training with an emphasis on shooting.

Topics discussed with Dave today:

  • How working in the business world transformed into coaching basketball
  • Some of the things that are being done well in youth athlete development
  • Common mistakes Dave sees with youth shooting techniques among other things
  • What separates the all-time great shooters from the rest of us
  • How Dave is leveraging his online training during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Reach out to Dave:

Via website:

Via Instagram: @chapmansouthbasketball & @dave.mentowski