Mixx106 Radio Nia Williams

Mixx106 Radio Nia Williams

Latest Episodes

Run Ron Comedy Show
May 06, 2019

Run Ron crack jokes about everyday life events while in vehicle with friend.

Mixx106 Radio Edward Raymond Real Estate Guru
January 29, 2019

Eddie Raymond real Estate Guru talks about the real estate business as a main source or second source of income. Eddie Buy any property and sell properties.

Mixx106 Interview with Henry County GA Commissioner Holmes
January 24, 2019

Commissioner Holmes discuses his experience in school, and employment. He goes into discussion about his vision is for Henry County and the obstacles involved in accomplishing his goals.

Baby Goats, Pork & Weed ....Eat Drink & Be Happy
January 22, 2019

Took place in a small classroom setting among a group of classmates engaged in conversation about goats, Panthers, alcohol and getting high on weed

Mixx106 Radio / Nia Williams MLK Day
January 22, 2019

This episode takes place in the studio of Mixx106 Radio Atlanta GA. Interview with the daughter of Mayor Vince Williams Union City GA (MLK Day 2019)