Miseducation of Mom: A Soul Care Podcast

Miseducation of Mom: A Soul Care Podcast

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MOM # 7 : Lent Can Help You Move Into Rhythms
April 03, 2017

Welcome to episode seven. Lent, as do many holidays (holy days), have a way of affecting many of us. I encourage you to discover and bless the rhythms that can have a grace-pace for your soul. Let's decelerate together.

MOM #6 : Purim and Brave Esther - Doing it Scared
March 12, 2017

Welcome to episode six. We are still anchored in Lent, but we're also celebrating the Jewish holiday of Purim, this weekend. Through Lectio Divina, we'll look at a 4-fold, divine template in Luke 22:19, and apply it to Esther's encounter with God's pro...

MOM #5 : Lent and Spring Holy Days - Unhurried
March 05, 2017

We are launching season two around these parts. Welcome to another cycle of holy days. We will enter into Lent and the many other Spring holidays, in order to savor the reality of our earnest attachment to our Beloved, Jesus. Because I'm a mom of eight...

MOM #4 : Love Breathe Advent, Part 4 of 4
December 17, 2016

We are coming to our last Advent breath, Love. As we come together to attend to our souls in the hustle of this time of year, we're pumping the brakes and enjoying the scenery of grace. We'll take deep breaths before, during and after our Lectio Divina...

MINISODE #3 : Interview with Keith : Beautiful Imperfections
December 12, 2016

It was fun sitting down with my husband of 21 years. We're talking about continuing to date one another in order to nurture and strengthen the connection in our marriage, and how by doing so creates a stronger parenting unity. Keith also shares his hea...

MOM #3 : Joy Breathe Advent, Part 3 of 4
December 10, 2016

When you hear our Lectio Divina Scripture reading, I think you'll agree with me that this is such a fitting episode to have included my eighth child, Emerald, my 8-month-old. We are breathing in Joy, as we ponder in this third week of Advent. We are as...

MOM #2 : Peace (Shalom) Breathe Advent, Part 2 of 4
December 04, 2016

The Prince of Peace enters into history gifting us with an undiminishing peace. Jesus' shalom is the kind of peace that ushers in a vulnerable baby, an unlikely King who brings completeness through His incarnation. He uses the unlikely, weak and small ...

MINISODE #2 : Interview with Tobias : Van Conversations + Making Assumptions
December 04, 2016

In today's minisode MOM interview, I sit down with my 19-year-old son, Tobias. He openly shares how he enjoys connecting with me, and he responds candidly to the question, "What have you learned from a mistake I've made as your mom?"

MOM #1 : Hope Breathe Advent, Part 1 of 4
November 27, 2016

In our first week of Advent, let's take a messianic moment to behold a hope associated with living waters. In this first episode, we’ll breathe in a long breath of a hope acquainted with lamenting. You'll take deep breaths to decelerate and savor God, ...