Mindy Diamond on Independence: A Podcast for Financial Advisors Considering Change

Mindy Diamond on Independence: A Podcast for Financial Advisors Considering Change

Latest Episodes

The Real Impact of the Crisis on Valuations and the Independent Space as a Whole
April 02, 2020

Matt Crow, President of Mercer Capital, a leading authority on firm valuations in the wealth management space, shares his perspective on the future of valuations, M&A and potential changes in the RIA space as a result of the COVID-19 crisis.

A Lawyer’s Advice on How to Protect Your Business Now and Into the Future
March 26, 2020

Attorney David Gehn, of NY law firm Ellenoff, Grossman & Schole, LLP, shares actionable advice for advisors including how to avoid risk, manage transitions and renegotiate promissory notes/ EFLs, plus challenges RIAs are facing and relief programs.

How to Add Value at a Time When it’s Needed Most
March 20, 2020

How can advisors better communicate with clients and prospects in a way that is authentic, meaningful and adds value - especially in times of crisis? Bob Burg, the co-author of The Go-Giver book series, shares that and more in this special episode.

On Weathering the Storm
March 13, 2020

In trying to determine how best to manage a business and add value through these turbulent times, Mindy Diamond found these 10 ways to refocus energy and attention helpful in moving forward on a more positive path.

Industry Update: Are the Wirehouses Getting Ready to Give Independence a Run for the Money this Year?
March 05, 2020

Wirehouse recruiting seems to be on an upswing, exemplified by recent high-profile hires and deals like Morgan Stanley’s acquisition of E*Trade. Are the wirehouses ready to compete in the recruiting wars? Mindy Diamond explores the battle for talent.

Brian Hamburger Talks Trends, Options and Opportunity—and What Advisors Need to Consider Before Making the Leap
February 27, 2020

The Founder of Hamburger Law Firm and MarketCounsel shares his legal and business expertise on what financial advisors need to know about a leap to independence, post-Protocol moves, M&A, technology and the leveling of the playing field.

Industry Update: The Bull Market for Advisors, Where They’re Moving to and Why
February 20, 2020

In this segment of Industry Update for Financial Advisors, Mindy Diamond takes a look at where advisors are going, how movement is fueling the landscape’s evolution, and what’s serving as a “barometer” of change for the industry at large.

Advisor as Client: The Raymond James Model of Supported Independence
February 13, 2020

Jodi Perry, President of RJFS Independent Contractor Division shares insights on the firm’s success, its culture and client-first ethos, and how that resonates with advisors looking for freedom and flexibility plus scaffolding and support.

Industry Update: On Clashes, Sleeping Giants, and the Handwriting on the Wall
February 06, 2020

A new bi-weekly segment that takes a look beyond independence into what’s going on in the wealth management world at large. 10-minutes on 3 things happening now and the impact on how financial advisors serve their clients and grow their businesses.

Joe Duran on What Advisors Need to Know to Succeed in an Evolved Client-Centric World
January 30, 2020

Joe Duran, the founder/CEO of United Capital, now a Goldman Sachs company, gets candid about the firm’s sale, his perspective on independence, clients, technology and M&A, plus the “logical evolution” for advisors and their businesses, and much more.