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Millennialz Anonymous Podcast

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Bonus MAPS Media Content
February 09, 2024

Another exciting episode of Buzz Pop, your go-to podcast for all things Super Bowl! Your host, Leise Winny, is joined by two special guests joining us to delve into the world of not football and everything not Super Bowl. Shannon Finegan is a media resear

MAPS Season 6 Trailer
October 09, 2023

Season 6 is about to get sticky! Millennialz is back with a vengeance. --- Send in a voice message: this podcast:

January 26, 2023

1. Why have I been gone2. We might take a break3. Quiet Quiting 4. Mental Health and mass shootings5. Tell us something, Joe? Joe Biden documents found.6. Debt Ceiling7. Fast Food ratings8. Re-aired Interview with Charlie Masheen--- Suppor

The trials of a comedienne
January 11, 2023

1. Top Ten Trending Topics- 3mins2. Brandi Denise interview- 18mins3. Outro-1 hr min 64. Next best podcast promo--- Send in a voice message: this podcast: https://podcaste

White Washed & Tittles Out
January 11, 2023

1. Lensa2. Dating is Expensive3. Warnock wins4. Synema changes parties5. Trump ish6. Kanye West ish7. Deion Sanders to blame?8. Football stuff--- Send in a voice message:

End Game
December 28, 2022

1. Intro2. Christmas is a scam3. Best Man Holiday4. Millennial Mins: Alex Sutton Sharpe5. Jan 6th Report6. Trump Arrested?7. The Republican Problem8. Election Fraud9. Kanye West is Gone frfr10. Elon Musk steps down sort of11. end--- Support

Dem Phoenix
November 15, 2022

! intro2. Election results3. why runoffs keep people from voting4. Georgis Race5. Why Dems Won6. Major issuesOutro--- Send in a voice message: this podcast: https://pod

The Real Chaos of Election
November 08, 2022

1. Jazmin Sullivan's excellent Rendition of the national anthem. 2. Why I'm not talking about Kanye west or Kyrie right now3. Why we should vote4. How Newt Gingrich changed politics5. WHat's at stake this election6. Key races to watch7. Vo

This Sucks Episode
October 31, 2022

1. 1:50 Intro2. 2:00 Intro To Topics3. 5:12 Halloween is my favorite4. 12:30 Interview with Cameron Mitchell & April Denise Scott 5. 40:30 Election Recap6. 45:35 Violence in this election season7. 47:50 Kanye West's supports are dead wrong

Ball Pit: I gotta a lot of balls in the air
October 23, 2022

1:20 Intro7:00 traffic and white men in Ford10:28 Nicki Minaj beefs13:00 voting17: 00 Black people turning republican22:59 Black men feeling disenfranchised27:30 The Hershel Walker appeal34:11 Dems are hard to follow39:03 Should celebrities run fo